Email Marketing is the Foundation of B2B Marketers

Email marketing is the foundation of customer communications for most B2B businesses. Recently email marketing ranked a 77% usage among B2B marketers above print direct marketing (at 69%) and social marketing (at 65%). There’s a lot of attention on social media and search, but email marketing is still the workhorse of many marketing programs, according […]

Should You Spin A Better Story or Build A Better Company?

Many companies are embracing corporate social responsibility—CSR—which includes issues like the environment, women, poverty, child abuse, natural disaster relief, etc. In today’s high-stakes competitive business climate, CSR can create great PR. But even PR pros like Edelman can misstep and become quickly mired in controversy. A company can become toast by the mainstream media overnight; […]

Content Marketing. It’s What Your Customers Care About.

The other day a new client asked me, “What do you mean by ‘content’ (as in content marketing)?” I was slightly stunned. Doesn’t everyone know by now that “content” means information people are hungry to know (meaning your clients and customers). “Content marketing is what Corporate Images was founded on,” I said. But back then, […]