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Email Marketing is the Foundation of B2B Marketers

Email marketing is the foundation of customer communications for most B2B businesses. Recently email marketing ranked a 77% usage among B2B marketers above print direct marketing (at 69%) and social marketing (at 65%). There’s a lot of attention on social media and search, but email marketing is still the workhorse of many marketing programs, according […]

Should You Spin A Better Story or Build A Better Company?

Many companies are embracing corporate social responsibility—CSR—which includes issues like the environment, women, poverty, child abuse, natural disaster relief, etc. In today’s high-stakes competitive business climate, CSR can create great PR. But even PR pros like Edelman can misstep and become quickly mired in controversy. A company can become toast by the mainstream media overnight; […]

Content Marketing. It’s What Your Customers Care About.

The other day a new client asked me, “What do you mean by ‘content’ (as in content marketing)?” I was slightly stunned. Doesn’t everyone know by now that “content” means information people are hungry to know (meaning your clients and customers). “Content marketing is what Corporate Images was founded on,” I said. But back then, […]

Were You Born with Successful Selling Traits?

Were you popular, outgoing, and positive in elementary and high school? Did you grow up in a comfortable (middle class) family in the city or suburbs? Did you have to earn your own spending money or play competitive sports? If you answered yes, you were probably born to sell, equipped with some natural successful selling […]

Good Marketing Strategy Turns Your Company Into a Powerhouse

Here are three good marketing strategies that will make your company stronger and more competitive: become market driven, focus on the customer and attract the right customers. Strategy #1. Become market driven The role of a good marketing strategy is to create the right conditions for sales to take place—to make selling easier. Marketers ask: […]

5 Telltale Signs your Sales/Marketing Program is in the Ditch

In a previous blog I called attention to the need to separate the marketing and sales functions. Today I highlight five typical problem areas troubling sales and marketing executives in every industry. See if your company suffers from any of these 5 telltale signs. Telltale Sign #1: Price is the driving force Telltale Sign #2: […]

37 Ways to Boost Profits

We all have our pet ideas on how to be more profitable. For example, I believe profitability is a by-product—a result—of doing the right things in the market (branding) and within the company (peak performance). The more things done well, the more profitable your company will be. But the activities necessary to generate higher profits […]

7 Focal Points That Make Your Company #1

If you could blend the best traditional marketing and sales practices ever known to man with the best ways to reach your target audience today, you would have the best practices in the marketing world. If then you would build or realign your whole company around seven focal points, you would have a powerful means […]

Sales Meeting Tip for Success

When you begin planning your next sales meeting, start with the end of your meeting in mind. Imagine at the end of your national sales meeting as attendees are leaving the meeting, several interns will ask each of your salespeople to describe in detail what they specifically took away from the meeting. How would you […]

Can Good Design Solve Business Problems?

Good design is a whole lot more than art.  I believe good design is good problem solving. This concept rests at the heart of Corporate Images’ goal to create smart solutions that achieve powerful business results for our clients. A recent Fast Company magazine article stated “there is broad recognition that a well designed business—one […]

Own Your Chosen Market

The company that owns its markets enjoys a special place that competitors can only dream about. Consider the following benefits of market ownership. The market leader: Is the First Choice The company that owns its market is usually “brand dominant”—the first to be considered. It is the “logical choice” or one of only a few […]

In the Digital Age Print Collateral Still Matters!

In today’s technologically advanced marketing arena printed promotional materials (print collateral) are still a mainstay of your total marketing efforts. Print collateral’s role in getting you more business is as important as it has always been. While it is true more customers are accessing information on their computers, tablets or smart phones, many consumers still […]