Does Your Company Understand the Difference Between Marketing and Sales?

Many companies do not understand the role of marketing in the sales process, and salespeople are struggling because of it.  But there IS a difference between marketing and sales. Here is an excerpt from the book The New Magnet Marketing by John R. Graham. Graham explains a belief we hold dear at Corporate Images—that marketing and sales are not the same function.

After reading his comments, let us know if you agree.

Too many companies lump “sales and marketing” into one division, one department, or one functional area. Two problems with this “sales and marketing” approach. First, the words “sales” and “marketing” are not synonyms. Each has its own unique role to play. Second, it is never “sales and marketing.” That’s backward, since marketing must always precede sales if a company is to enjoy solid, cost-effective growth. Marketing’s role is to create the right buying environment so that customers are primed when either salespeople call or the customers themselves call.

The goal of marketing is to create leads for the sales force. The job of the salesperson is making the sale, closing the deal. But this generally doesn’t happen. Instead, sales-people are goaded into finding their own leads! What a waste of time and talent.

Another result of confusing marketing and sales functions is the time-honored tradition of price-cutting. “If we don’t get the price down, we’ll lose the sale.” In order to get the business, they cut the price again, and again, and again. Companies then get the need for an even higher sales volume to compensate for the losses. The truth is, if the company really had something worth buying, and its marketing people did their jobs, the firm wouldn’t have to give up a dime.

If marketing creates the right expectation, when the salesperson walks through the door, the customer is primed. In this situation, the salesperson is the expert, the consultant, and a valuable resource. And all this marketing must happen long before the salesperson knocks on the door.

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