7 Focal Points That Make Your Company #1

If you could blend the best traditional marketing and sales practices ever known to man with the best ways to reach your target audience today, you would have the best practices in the marketing world.

If then you would build or realign your whole company around seven focal points, you would have a powerful means to create one of the most successful companies on the planet.

It can be done.  But first, it requires that you offer great products that meet real needs, or that your services solve real problems and deliver a tangible value in your chosen field or marketplace.

Align the following seven key results areas to your great products/services and get ready to generate real gigantic strides to company supremacy.

When you have accomplished all of them, you will have created a rare powerhouse in your industry.

  • Focal point #1 — Gain more business growth by capturing emerging markets—reach new ones you are not currently serving.
  • Focal point #2 — Be the top company (the leader—the numero uno) in your chosen market.
  • Focal point #3 — Perfect your ideal customer experience. Continually make your buyer’s journey easier and easier to buy from you.
  • Focal point #4 — Develop seamless, efficient mechanisms between your marketing and sales functions. Make each perform better with better alignment.
  • Focal point #5 — Let digital innovation support your company, not drive it crazy. Stop chasing fads, but don’t miss real solutions the Internet and the computer age can bring to you. Learn which is which.
  • Focal point #6 — Build a strong, socially responsible company reputation while growing powerful, profitable brands.
  • Focal point #7 — Build your company around attracting and keeping the best employees  ( Hint: It doesn’t require paying the most salary).  “Best” means motivated, engaged—your brand evangelists inside and throughout the company. “Best” means having a management system and company culture that effectively supports both internal and external customers 24/7.

Contact me at to further discuss any one or all of these key results areas.

Alan Bagg helps manufacturers boost sales by getting more mileage from their current marketing budget.

Alan is happy to entertain more discussion via email or phone. Reach him at or 262.633.7772. Or follow him on twitter @alanbagg. Find more information on Alan at his LinkedIn profile.

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