Good Marketing Strategy

Good Marketing Strategy Turns Your Company Into a Powerhouse

Here are three good marketing strategies that will make your company stronger and more competitive: become market driven, focus on the customer and attract the right customers.

Strategy #1. Become market driven

The role of a good marketing strategy is to create the right conditions for sales to take place—to make selling easier. Marketers ask:

  • “What does the customer want?”
  • “What does the customer expect?”
  • “What conditions do we need to create so customers want to do business with us?

good-marketing-strategy-market-drivenGood marketing strategy shapes the way your customers think about you and how they buy from you. If prospects and customers know you, respect you and trust you, sales will come naturally.

A good marketing strategy pays results over time. Adopt a long-range focus and cultivate customers, getting them ready to buy from you. Don’t try to “sell them” before they are ready to buy. Being market driven is an investment in customer cultivation making sure you are delivering what customers need and want. The payoff comes later when they buy regularly from you.

Strategy #2. Focus on the Customer – Build an enduring relationship

good-marketing-strategy-customer-focusedIt’s not what you want to sell that counts. What matters is what your customers need and want to buy. When you cultivate a relationship, focus on the customer by helping them solve his/her problems. Then your product/service will be seen as a good fit.

Long-term you’ll gain the trust of your customer so when he is ready to buy, your company can be top of mind. When your goal is to build an enduring relationship, you can keep offering your customer more insightful information he will find useful.

Strategy #3. Attract the right customers

good-marketing-strategy-attract-right-customersBe careful whom you are cultivating. Attract the right customers so the relationships will generate sales for your company. Figure out who your ideal customer is. Then go deep into that understanding by building a persona—a customer archetype— who will be a great fit for your products/services.

When you apply these three marketing strategies, you will turn your company into a powerhouse.

Alan Bagg helps manufacturers boost sales by getting more mileage from their current marketing budget.

Alan is happy to entertain more discussion via email or phone. Reach him at or 262.633.7772. Or follow him on twitter @alanbagg. Find more information on Alan at his LinkedIn profile.

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