In the Digital Age Print Collateral Still Matters!

In today’s technologically advanced marketing arena printed promotional materials (print collateral) are still a mainstay of your total marketing efforts. Print collateral’s role in getting you more business is as important as it has always been.

While it is true more customers are accessing information on their computers, tablets or smart phones, many consumers still want hard copies of information. A brochure, sell sheet, print ad, flyer, mailer, billboard, signage, poster or pamphlet are still necessities for fulfilling your marketing plan. Your sales force still needs some leave behind materials for your customers or their prospective customers when making personal contact.

When your collateral materials are created to reinforce your brand, they will assist you in sharing valuable information with your various publics. These materials, when designed correctly, will also drive traffic to your website where you can deliver more interactive knowledge about your company and its products.

Good print collateral relays a visual impression that evokes a positive and memorable response. Excellent print collateral drives a viewer to want to get more information. Print collateral acts as a handshake and can be the first step in intercepting customers.

Print is not dead. Great collateral is integral to converting your prospects into customers.

You may be using less print collateral than you did years lessened but it still is an important part your overall messaging and establishing a stronger relationship with your customers and prospects.

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