KTEC Brand Story

When KTEC asked us to capture their brand identity, we interviewed staff, students and parents.

Synthesizing the information, we designed a logo that captured what they did, a tagline that embellished the logo, and a set of guidelines that would keep their look and messaging consistent into the future.

We incorporated the charter school’s new look

into business cards, letterhead, notecards, personalized tablet, pocket folder, and website and Facebook page. The puzzle piece motif kept focus on the four STEM areas and KTEC’s commitment to developing bright, curious minds engaged with technology.

Building awareness outside the school demanded a facelift to outdoor and indoor signage.

Check out these before and after comparison shots showing the difference our signage made.
1) Outdoor Signage 2) Mission Statement 3) Hallway Banner 4) Program Sign on Wall 5) Classroom sign


Showcasing KTEC’s state-of-the-art technology programs

We created print brochures along with a pocket folder (note the puzzle die cut) to contain them and four videos to showcase KTEC’s state-of-the-art technology programs. The video shoot made us wish we could redo our elementary years at this school.

Student learning didn’t miss a beat while cameras rolled.


In addition to marketing successful learning programs…

01a-ktec-pltw-flyer-open-housewe designed flyers promoting KTEC’s learning laboratories for teachers.  Teachers learn by observing classrooms and doing activities they will use with their own students,

To launch their student science fair night

we suggested the name “An Evening with Einsteins” which met staff approval so we promoted it with flyers and signage01a-ktec-einstein-flyer.

Yes, we were KTEC’s strategic partners for growth . . . and grow they did.

So quickly that a new challenge loomed, accommodating a waiting list that demanded more space.
The solution?

Expand the waiting list even further, creating a convincing argument to expand to another site.  We designed “growth” themed newspaper ads and posters to attract parents to sessions, where brochures tucked into puzzle piece die cut folders were available for pick-up.

Fundraising Campaign

A second campus was approved and KTEC sought our support in planning a fund raising campaign to equip the new site.  First, we designed a separate logo for this fund raising campaign, combining the motto “Fit for Growth” with the school’s standard puzzle pieces. The logo assured supporters that KTEC was fit and a worthy subject for donations.

Our marketing collateral support included posters, letters, and tickets promoting the event, along with signage displayed at a gala dinner.

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