Content Marketing. It’s What Your Customers Care About.

The other day a new client asked me, “What do you mean by ‘content’ (as in content marketing)?” I was slightly stunned. Doesn’t everyone know by now that “content” means information people are hungry to know (meaning your clients and customers). “Content marketing is what Corporate Images was founded on,” I said. But back then, […]


Were You Born with Successful Selling Traits?

Were you popular, outgoing, and positive in elementary and high school? Did you grow up in a comfortable (middle class) family in the city or suburbs? Did you have to earn your own spending money or play competitive sports? If you answered yes, you were probably born to sell, equipped with some natural successful selling […]

Good Marketing Strategy

Good Marketing Strategy Turns Your Company Into a Powerhouse

Here are three good marketing strategies that will make your company stronger and more competitive: become market driven, focus on the customer and attract the right customers. Strategy #1. Become market driven The role of a good marketing strategy is to create the right conditions for sales to take place—to make selling easier. Marketers ask: […]