Refine Your Marketing Message by Finishing “Only we _______.”

I recently read Mark Schaefer’s article “Discovering Your True Point of Differentiation”, in which he suggests this: “You can’t have a social media or content strategy without an over-arching marketing strategy. And if you can’t finish the sentence ‘Only we ___________.’ then you don’t have a solid marketing position to build a strategy around.” […]

Email Marketing is the Foundation of B2B Marketers

Email marketing is the foundation of customer communications for most B2B businesses. Recently email marketing ranked a 77% usage among B2B marketers above print direct marketing (at 69%) and social marketing (at 65%). There’s a lot of attention on social media and search, but email marketing is still the workhorse of many marketing programs, according […]

Should You Spin A Better Story or Build A Better Company?

Many companies are embracing corporate social responsibility—CSR—which includes issues like the environment, women, poverty, child abuse, natural disaster relief, etc. In today’s high-stakes competitive business climate, CSR can create great PR. But even PR pros like Edelman can misstep and become quickly mired in controversy. A company can become toast by the mainstream media overnight; […]