5 Telltale Signs your Sales/Marketing Program is in the Ditch

In a previous blog I called attention to the need to separate the marketing and sales functions. Today I highlight five typical problem areas troubling sales and marketing executives in every industry. See if your company suffers from any of these 5 telltale signs. Telltale Sign #1: Price is the driving force Telltale Sign #2: […]

37 Ways to Boost Profits

We all have our pet ideas on how to be more profitable. For example, I believe profitability is a by-product—a result—of doing the right things in the market (branding) and within the company (peak performance). The more things done well, the more profitable your company will be. But the activities necessary to generate higher profits […]


7 Focal Points That Make Your Company #1

If you could blend the best traditional marketing and sales practices ever known to man with the best ways to reach your target audience today, you would have the best practices in the marketing world. If then you would build or realign your whole company around seven focal points, you would have a powerful means […]