Does Your Company Understand the Difference Between Marketing and Sales?

Many companies do not understand the role of marketing in the sales process, and salespeople are struggling because of it.  But there IS a difference between marketing and sales. Here is an excerpt from the book The New Magnet Marketing by John R. Graham. Graham explains a belief we hold dear at Corporate Images—that marketing […]

Sales meeting tip for success

Sales Meeting Tip for Success

When you begin planning your next sales meeting, start with the end of your meeting in mind. Imagine at the end of your national sales meeting as attendees are leaving the meeting, several interns will ask each of your salespeople to describe in detail what they specifically took away from the meeting. How would you […]

Can Good Design Solve Business Problems?

Can Good Design Solve Business Problems?

Good design is a whole lot more than art.  I believe good design is good problem solving. This concept rests at the heart of Corporate Images’ goal to create smart solutions that achieve powerful business results for our clients. A recent Fast Company magazine article stated “there is broad recognition that a well designed business—one […]