“I think we have a winner! Corporate Images’ marketing and information campaign did the the job…”

John Diers, General Transit Manager
Transit Management of Racine

Belle Urban System Gives A Hoot About Its Riders

The Situation

With ridership declining for years, Racine’s Belle Urban System (BUS) needed to expand its service hours to include nights and weekends.

The Solution

Corporate Images designed a campaign to promote night service. Aimed primarily at workers, the promotion asked, ”Whooo’s Working the Night Shift?” and used the response, “Look Whooo’s Working the Night Shift.” A pair of Halloween-like owl eyes became the campaign’s signature. Front-page stories with photos appeared in local newspapers about the expanded service. Billboards and on-bus promotions built buzz along with radio spots that featured the mournful wail of a hoot owl behind the announcer’s voice.

The Results

“The new night service began without a hitch,” the General Manager of Transit Management of Racine said. “Customers generally knew what was coming.”

“The new service helped turn a 6 percent ridership drop for the first 5 months of the year into a 2 percent gain for the last 7 months,” said the city transit planner.

Recent Campaigns

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