Refine Your Marketing Message by Finishing “Only we _______.”

I recently read Mark Schaefer’s article “Discovering Your True Point of Differentiation”, in which he suggests this:

“You can’t have a social media or content strategy without an over-arching marketing strategy. And if you can’t finish the sentence ‘Only we ___________.’ then you don’t have a solid marketing position to build a strategy around.”

Are daily demands derailing the completion of this seemingly simple statement, “Only we _______.”? Then your marketing (and sales) efforts may not say what really sets you apart from your competitors and the real reason loyal customers keep coming back to buy.

Recently I spoke to about 20 RAMAC (Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce) marketing breakfast attendees and challenged them to assess how well their marketing (and sales) efforts are moving their customers from “fickle to fan.” I shared a checklist (that I will share again in my next post) and encouraged them to do what Schaefer suggests: Ask your customers why they buy from you and not a competitor. The answers will become the fodder for effective marketing messages that clearly tell the real value you offer to prospective buyers.

A freight expediting client of ours discovered his “Only we __________.” when a customer responded to his question, “Why do you buy from me?” with this: “Wasted time is costly when a line is down due to a broken part. When I call you, someone answers the phone right away, every time.” Yes, dependable deliveries and friendly drivers were appreciated, of course. But immediate response to a request was primary! Asking the right question provoked a marketing “Ah ha!” that resulted in focused messaging that connected to the real customer need.

So, here’s your challenge. Fill in the blank. “Only we ____________.” And ask your customers for input. If focusing your messages is still a struggle or if you are confused by how to firm up your marketing and sales strategy, give Corporate Images a call. It’s what we do. Since “Only we . . . work on your marketing and sales strategy after we understand what sets you apart.”

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